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Hacking Biopolitics: Art & Intervention a Presentation

On September 20th a presentation was held at the IRMC.

Heather Dewey-Hagborg presented her work concerning genetic surveillance. The above link takes you directly to her website where you can view many of the same works she presented.

Genetics hasn’t really played a huge role in my life. While I find it interesting, there has been no relevant┬áreason for it to be important to me. What Heather presents brings up a lot of questions, and insights into a world that I had not really considered, and expanded my ideas of what genetic science is capable of doing.

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This personal project was my attempt at getting back into 3D modeling. I had spent several years not doing any real work. Thus this ship is named. Returning with a Vengeance. This has also been a project in creating a high detail model.