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This personal project was my attempt at getting back into 3D modeling. I had spent several years not doing any real work. Thus this ship is named. Returning with a Vengeance. This has also been a project in creating a high detail model.


Vessel of Truth

The Vessel of Truth. A ship that was heavily modified through some sort of hyperspace/nebular conflict in energies. The result left the computer, sensors, and communication systems to be advanced far beyond what the Roalark (the alien and master race) thought possible. The computer has greater power, the sensors had basically unlimited range, as did the communications system, with instantaneous capabilities. Though the ship wasn’t the only thing that was altered.

The Vessel of Truth is the center piece of a mass religion. It is also what acts as the key to the entire technological system of communications and computer processing of the entire society called the Combine. This is the Vessel of Truth

The render is in cartoon format, so that it is much easier to see the various details.


Low Altitude High Velocity Fighter – Brush Fire

This is the finished product. The Low Altitude Hyper Velocity Fighter Code named Brush Fire.

All the textures and such are in place, and she doesn’t look all that bad. ^.^ Woo!

The Large pods on the sides are Strafing drives. They allow the craft to move side to side. The smaller ports that are around the exterior rim of the strafe drives are the maneuver drives. They allow a high degree of maneuverability for the vehicle.

Weaponry on the craft are as follows:

4 linked cannons
2 duel 2D plasma turrets
2 fixed plasma cannons
2 bomb hard points
15 missile hard points

The plasma weaponry leak plasma off of the drive flow, and is accelerated through a set of magnetic rings. This creates a burst stream of plasma energy. They can also be used to act as auxiliary maneuver drives. The forward fixed plasma cannons would act as retro thrusters, and the 2D turrets can act as bow mounted rotatable maneuver drives further enhancing the maneuvering capabilities of the craft.


The Icarus

The Icarus is not your typical ship. It is neither military, or civilian. Quite in fact it is part of a rebellion. This aged ship has seen more action then a front line probe. From crashing into moons, to having entire sections of it blown out. Any sane person would never fly it, but the Icarus Mercenaries are far from sane. Who else would fly a ship that sheds its hull plates, against an entire armada of top of the line ships? The flying junk.