About Me

My name is Jason Dignan. I am the products of my parents. My father the technically strong one, my mother the artist. These very base qualities have contributed to my growth and development. I blame them for everything.

New Media is technology and art. How those are applied is up to the beholder. The only limits the beholder has, are the tools they have. It is my belief that the pursuit of goals are only limited by the tools that can be used. I enjoy discovering tools, and finding how I can use them to bring about change in the world, or allow expression beyond conventional standards.

Academically I am a senior. I have a previous degree from Central Maine Community College in 2007, which contributes to my status. I started school with University of Maine majoring in Computer Science. In the fall part of the second year, I quickly discovered that Computer Science did not completely fill my needs.

In the following spring, I quickly fell in love with New Media studies. It is a passion I have had all my life. Of which my amateur portfolio has shown a good portion of that. While I worked and taught myself many basic new media aspects, I never had opportunity to work in this field.

I have over ten years retail experience, Eight of those years as a manager. In that time I have developed leadership skills that have allowed me great success in all teams that I have led. I have managed stores, and trained management staff. My experiences in the retail have given me insights into human connections.

It is my hope that with my still growing portfolio will continue to show my growth and potential in the fields of new media.