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Light Up Acrylic Pick Guard

This is a custom pick guard that I made for my Guitar. I lasercut it out of Light Guide acrylic, which is extra responsive to light, and will glow when lit up by even just a simple LED. I wired a mini-microphone to an Arduino Uno, which had a blue LED on it. I programmed the Arduino to light up the LED whenever the microphone heard the guitar play. The guitar is modeled below by a fellow student.DSC_1671 DSC_1668 DSC_1667 DSC_1666IMG_1553 IMG_1552 IMG_1551 IMG_1550

Heart: A Unity Game

Heart was my final project for my New Media 102 class. It was made in Unity with another student, Ethan Nickerson. We made an interactive experience that combined a Leap Motion and Unity. The idea behind it was that the player would use the leap motion to interact with different objects in the game to proceed to the next area. Along with the ominous audio, this was more of an experience than a game. The final product was more of a proof of concept, as it was relatively short and incomplete, but got its message across. In order to “enhance” the experience, we placed the screen inside a box, hiding the keyboard. All in all, this was not the greatest idea, but was worth the attempt.IMG_0208

Final App Design

My Final for this class was an App called SpaceOut. The concept was, that it is an app that can keep a log of everything you own. With this, you can scan any room using SpaceOut, and it will tell you(taking into account color, shape, size, and material) the best place to put your belongings in the room for aesthetic effect. This would be useful for someone like me, as I own a lot of statues and collectibles.

This is my Logo Designrideout_FinalLogo_NMD104 (1)

This is my app interaction designrideout_FinalLayout_NMD104

Audio Storytelling

I got excited for the Audio Storytelling assignment, because I’ve always been proud of my ability to do impressions and mimic other voices. I chose to do the opening sequence to one of my favorite games Borderlands a First-person style Role-Playing Shooter. It’s combination of role-playing, high action, and comedic elements makes it one of my all time favorites. I read the opening story in the voice of the game’s narrator and Ammunition dealer, Marcus. he speaks in a Russian accent, and I’m quite proud of my impression. I’m also very happy with my use of background music and effects. If you listen, as the story reaches it’s climax, the music picks up as well.

Album Cover

I was tasked by my professors to create a new album cover for either a currently existing album, or for a set of select songs from that one band, like a “Greatest Hits” sort of deal. I chose to do the album “Common Courtesy” by A Day to Remember, a punk hardcore band from Ocala, Florida. I chose this album because I can relate to it. You’re probably thinking: “Ugh, this teenage angst crap again”, but all joking aside, I’m serious. The main story that I derive from the album is that these guys left home chasing a dream, but for a while, it was hard work, and got depressing at times, yet through it all, they made it out alive and successful. That’s what I feel like I’m doing here at school. I’m chasing after my dream, even if that dream hasn’t been realized yet, I know I’ll come out of this a better, smarter person with a purpose in life. I created this album cover with the damaged wings as a metaphor for this concept explained above.rideout_project5_NMD104

App Logo

When looking at color in Illustrator, we as students were assigned to come up with an app logo that would fit an app that we conceptualized, not created, but just created in our minds. Mine was Universonality, an application in which a user would input their current interests, likes, etc. The app is designed to find activities outside of the users current category of activity but are close enough that they feel at home, yet are still broadening their learning. For example, if I was a crazy fan of the game Dungeons and Dragons, a role-playing game, the app may direct me to try Cosplaying or simply going to gaming conventions. Its similar enough that I won’t dislike it, yet far enough away that it’s a new experience. My logo is supposed to represent that: “anything you can read about, you have access to” – Mecolorlogobwlogo

Color Portrait in Illustrator

Another NMD 104 project was to take a portrait and make a simple color recreation of it using the pen tool in Illustrator. It took me some time, but I’m very happy with the way it came out.Colorportrait

Black and White Icon

One of our NMD projects was to create a black and white icon in illustrator. Mine was of a lightsaber from Star Wars.


HideandSeek: A Unity Game

With two other student, Andrew Boisvert and Hannah Karas, we created a unity game that is supposed to be interactive, and tell a short story. In this world we created, you as the player have been sucked into a black hole and spit out in a place in time and space where random objects have been taken from Earth and their size and shape has been drastically altered. Normal gravity does not exist either. It is a first person game, where the objective is to find all of the objects that have been dropped into this universal dump.

3D Printing: Mini Skyscraper

Myself and two group members 3D printed separate pieces of a skyscraper for a project in New Media 200. We used the gray material on the FormLabs printer which cures the material used to print using UV light. The process was interesting and the preparation for the FormLabs printer is a bit messy, but the quality is higher than the extrusion style printers.DSC_1616

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