Module Five

This module centered around creating a narrative piece using video, animation, or remixing. The piece needed to be at least 5 minutes long. My piece uses a number of video clips that I shot with a couple of friends during the winter after the internet went down in our dorm and…

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Module Four

The fourth module consisted of camera footage, and taking video. We were tasked with making a short video with NO post production. We were to take the shots in a way that they would all connect without editing. Here is my short video:

Module Three

This module focused on bringing digital art onto a physical plane and using mixed media.  The first print was a color print that we needed to print on something other than just normal paper. I chose to print one of my favorite meals(a burger and fries) onto recipe paper, which…

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Module Two

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This module focused around photo montages, in other words, the combining of multiple photos in to one complete piece. These are the two pieces I made. The first was just a fun combination, and the second tells a part of my life, maintaining more of a narrative sense.

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