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Drain Strain: Class Project

This project was a class wide project in which the class was broken up into teams and asked to create something that serves the “greater good” of humanity. Our class elected to create what we coined the ‘Drain Strain’, which was a grate to put under sewer drain that would in turn filter out trash from the street as it flowed down the drain. As a class, we created a website, promotional video, and a full prototype with shareable plans.  I was elected Team Leader and was in charge of managing each team and the overall progress and direction of the project.

The website we created is below:



This project was to create a product and a video for the product based on biomimicry.

Moving Infographic


This project was to make an infographic on any subject of one’s choosing. Once the infographic was made, the next task was to turn it into a moving infographic. I chose to make in infographic on giant, prehistoric animals compared to their current ancestors. The biggest struggle was figuring out how to include the information in a concise manner given the size constraints.

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