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Laser Cut Pop Up Book

For my final, I decided to make a pop-up book that was filled with images from books that have made an impact on my life. Each page represents the tone of the book and is paired with a favorite pull-out quote.  Really enjoyed this project and took my time on each design. Figuring out the mechanics was the most difficult part, while putting them together was the most tedious. The cover is covered in old dictionary pages in order to give it a nice overall aesthetic. This is my favorite project out of NMD 200 by far.


Final Prototype

For my final in NMD 200 I chose to create a pop-up book as storytelling is something that has always interested me. For my book, I looked at four of the stories that I have impacted my life in some way. Then, I created a page for each of them with a quote that encompasses the feel of the story and how I relate to it. This prototype was crucial for me, as pop ups are difficult to work with. I needed to know what would work and what wouldn’t with each piece of the designs so that the pages would all stand out individually.

3D Printing Project

Our third project in New Media 200 was 3D printing. A group project with Jessie Huff and Megan Lewis. We were to create three separate pieces that connected together. My group and I chose to make a planter with a glow in the dark flower in order to track sunlight. Jessie chose to make the vase, Megan chose the plate, and I chose the flower to model and print. The vase and plate were printed on the Formlab printer while the flower was printed on the Makerbot printer. Overall I am happy with this project. It’s hard to get a print as successful as this when it is your first time printing.

Laser Squid

My first attempt at laser cutting.  A squid I designed and then cut using birch plywood for New Media 200. Inspired by my close friends.

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