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Dreams Booklet


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For our final project we were asked to create a book from scratch about anything we liked. The only requirements being that it had to contain both images and text. After a lot of thought, I chose to take the things that people have dreamt while sleeping and illustrate them as well as add in some myths and common dreams as well. Overall, the finished product looked like it was a beautiful children’s book and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Packaging Project

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This project was to design a new package, including the box itself, for something small that was sold in large quantities i.e. paperclips, thumbtacks, or cotton balls. I choose hair care products as my product to re-package as it’s something I thought I would use daily. I was inspired by Russian Nesting Dolls for this project as I thought it could be a neat and tidy way to store beauty products. For the visual design, I looked a lot at beauty in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I wanted a box that across as chic and semi glamorous. Above is the finalized version and plans for the deconstructed box.


Typography Posters

For this project we were given a list of quotes to choose from in order to turn them into posters. I chose the quote, “I hate writing, I love having written” by Dorothy Parker. The challenge was to create a poster with little to no imagery, using mostly the words themselves as the inspiration and the design. In the end, I turned in the poster on the right as it was a bit more legible, but I was quite proud of both designs.

Lifeweaves Webpage Concept

Our last step to this semester long project was to design the homepage to the website for our company. I took inspiration from both online and physical store webpages and brought my own touch to it. I kept the color scheme the same as it had been throughout and tweaked it so that it would look as though a mom might have designed it.

Lifeweaves Packaging Concepts

For my packaging, I designed three concepts: a clothing tag, a sachet set, and a delivery box. The tag was designed a sweater, the root of the company. For something extra, I thought customers may enjoy a sachet set where they could pick and choose which scents they would like that they could buy in store or customize online. Finally, if customers were to order anything online it would arrive in a box designed to look like a dresser drawer.

Lifeweaves Stationary








This is the letterhead, business card, and envelope I designed for my imaginary company. I chose a sift oatmeal color for the main color as it gives off a warm and comforting feeling that goes along with the inviting, homely message I chose for the company.

Lifeweaves Logo

For my logo I wanted something both legible and soft looking to convey the nature of the company. I went through many iterations before settling on this simple font. For the colored logo, I went with a calming blue to convey a comforting and gentle nature.

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