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Poster Design

Favorite Word Designs

Each of the participants for Explore Language were asked what their favorite word in any language was. I took their answers and created small displays.

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I link to the six short films that were the center and focus of the project. Each looks at a new individual who shares their thoughts on speaking more than one language.

Playlist Link

Initial Proposal

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Cognitive Map Decay Illustration

Natural-Language Descriptions Illustration

Non-visual Panning Methods Illustration

Indoor Navigation System Illustration



Rooted in Sound: Class Project

For this project the class as a whole was asked to come up with ideas that the Bob Moog Foundation could use. Each person in the class turned in a proposal and the founder of the foundation, Michelle Moog, then narrowed down the proposals. From there, the class chose which one was best to pursue and was broken up into teams. My proposal was selected by the class to move forward with  and I was elected Team Leader as a result.

I proposed both to the Bob Moog Foundation and the the class that we create a kind of game that explored the different types of sound waves while encompassing Bob Moog’s love of gardening. We built this using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Unity, and a few different sound editing softwares.  Below is the initial proposal for the project.

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Here is a link to the final result:

Drain Strain: Class Project

This project was a class wide project in which the class was broken up into teams and asked to create something that serves the “greater good” of humanity. Our class elected to create what we coined the ‘Drain Strain’, which was a grate to put under sewer drain that would in turn filter out trash from the street as it flowed down the drain. As a class, we created a website, promotional video, and a full prototype with shareable plans.  I was elected Team Leader and was in charge of managing each team and the overall progress and direction of the project.

The website we created is below:



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