Winter Internship 2015/2016: Redfin Solutions, LLC

Over my winter break, I was able to return to Redfin Solutions, after interning with them over the previous summer. This was a really great experience, mainly because I was faced with new kinds of issues from what I had dealt with previously, and was forced to come at these issues from new angles. In addition, I was able to return to work with the context of the new skills.. Read More

User Experience Design Final Project: The Friend Finder

For my User Experience Design class, I am working on developing and refining the user experience for the “Friend Finder,” a project which I’ve been working on at ASAP Media Services for almost a year at the time of writing this. The Friend Finder is a device that lights up when one user walks near another user with similar interests. I already have a working prototype, so from here the.. Read More

Summer Internship 2015: Redfin Solutions, LLC

This summer I was lucky enough to work as an intern at Redfin Solutions, LLC, a Drupal web development company in Portland, Maine. I came in with only some experience coding in Java, but my goal for the internship was to gain experience in new fields. I’d consider this task accomplished, as now that I am nearing the end of summer I can confidently say that I’ve gotten introductory experience with:.. Read More