For my User Experience Design class, I am working on developing and refining the user experience for the “Friend Finder,” a project which I’ve been working on at ASAP Media Services for almost a year at the time of writing this. The Friend Finder is a device that lights up when one user walks near another user with similar interests. I already have a working prototype, so from here the most important tasks are to sketch out the actual user experience that I want to create and to gather feedback on it, then move to implementation.

To start, here are some sketches of the mobile interface that users will use to select their interests and send them to their device:


The amount of lights on a user’s device that are a certain color is based on the percentage of their matches in their area from each specific category. To illustrate this, I sketched out this scenario:



My user testing yielded some interesting results. The biggest problem I had was that people just didn’t know how to use an android phone, so they got a little lost while navigating the app. The app itself definitely has some features that need to be implemented for usability, however my focus for this class was on the device itself and the user interactions it spurred. For the test, I had the device only light up when another person and I only had three common interests. This meant that I only actually “matched” with one of the users, however this may be a good thing since I wouldn’t want to match with everyone else who uses the device if I were a user, and at least one of the users that I didn’t match with had very little in common with me, so it’s actually a good thing that we didn’t match. The coolest thing that happened during this test was that I matched with one user, and when he asked if I shared a certain interest with him I said no, but a conversation still sprouted from this topic. I’m really pleased with how that interaction played out.