New Media Definitions

Crosbie How does your capstone measure up according to the definition proposed in Vin Crosbie’s “What Is New Media?” How might you alter your project to fit better? Crosbie asserts that the first communications media was interpersonal, and that this evolved into what they now call the new medium. The new medium is another vehicle for communication, however unlike older vehicles, this one can travel faster, and reach more people… Read More

Text Proposal

ABSTRACT A virtual reality experience that encourages users to participate in nonviolent interaction and communication. The experience gives users the opportunity to expand their view of the world by meeting people from different places and different cultures. Maybe they’ll even make some new friends at the same time. THE PROBLEM On January 24th, 2017, UploadVR published an article talking about the current “Fastest Selling VR Game,” Arizona Sunshine, which is.. Read More

Research Report

“We have a regrettable and costly tendency, here in Maine, to divide ourselves by town or region, party affiliation or philosophy, income, and whether we’re natives or folks ‘from away.’” Brookings Report Findings, 2006   Related Articles Altspace VR, a high profile social VR startup, has closed its doors. The company aimed to break into the potential of high end VR as a social tool, but was met.. Read More

Winter Internship 2015/2016: Redfin Solutions, LLC

Over my winter break, I was able to return to Redfin Solutions, after interning with them over the previous summer. This was a really great experience, mainly because I was faced with new kinds of issues from what I had dealt with previously, and was forced to come at these issues from new angles. In addition, I was able to return to work with the context of the new skills.. Read More

User Experience Design Final Project: The Friend Finder

For my User Experience Design class, I am working on developing and refining the user experience for the “Friend Finder,” a project which I’ve been working on at ASAP Media Services for almost a year at the time of writing this. The Friend Finder is a device that lights up when one user walks near another user with similar interests. I already have a working prototype, so from here the.. Read More

Summer Internship 2015: Redfin Solutions, LLC

This summer I was lucky enough to work as an intern at Redfin Solutions, LLC, a Drupal web development company in Portland, Maine. I came in with only some experience coding in Java, but my goal for the internship was to gain experience in new fields. I’d consider this task accomplished, as now that I am nearing the end of summer I can confidently say that I’ve gotten introductory experience with:.. Read More