This was my laser cut project for my prototyping class. I was attempting to play with the idea of book burning and censorship as major themes in the book Fahrenheit 451. To do this, I actually burned a 3d design into the book itself using a laser cutter. When looking at it you can see […]

This project will blur the lines between internal and external, what we keep to ourselves and what we project to the world. It will also blur the lines between humanity and technology. Taking something as personal as a heartbeat and presenting it in a completely public fashion can be an intimidating thought, but we plan […]

    We interfaced with an arduino controlling five motors which had strings attached to the backs of the fingers. The idea was that as an xbox kinect tracked the fingers, it would check their locations in a 3D space. In this space floated a virtual sphere, which when the user came in contact with, […]