Of all the amazing work Gene Felice showed us, Huang’s stuck with me the most. I really appreciate his implementation of technology as a tool to create wonderful and peculiar art.

However, what I like most about it isn’t anything deep or philosophical. Honestly, I’m just enamored with how many of his projects look. In the Seductive Evolution of Animated Illumination, Huang has created a beautiful monstrosity. The synchronized blinking of hundreds of prismatic lights, the bizarre clicking as they switch from white to blue to green to pink and back again, the beast’s inflatable tendrils waving with surprising serenity- what we’re witnessing feels eerie and alien.

He claims to have a love of biology, and it shows. While on an internship at the Smithsonian, he studied the creatures of the deep ocean, particularly, their bioluminescence. This is immediately apparent in his work.

I remember, many years ago, watching the Discovery documentary Blue Planet. When they showed all of the outlandish creatures hiding in the darkest depths of the ocean, I was fascinated. They were like alien life forms, living on our own planet, and Huang’s pieces, drawing inspiration from this, evoke the very same feeling.