Dustin Morse

NMD Portfolio

32 Page Book

In Graphics Design I created a 32 Page book on a subject of our choice, so I made it about the most popular game in the world League of Legends. Its a tutorial book, but all the pictures and illustrations I either took myself or made.   Road to Platinum

NMD 370

In NMD 370 3D Modeling and Animation I learned how to use complex programs such as maya and then create 3d models, rig the models, and then animate the models. From taking this class pursued this field and even learned how to take the models that I create in Maya and import them into game engines such ad Unity.  Below is  a final Project I did in NMD 370 where.. Read More

Graphics Design

Toothpicks Website Design Toothpicks Greenland Cove Campground Map Color DMM_344_Logo DMM_344_moviePoster DMM_344_Words All are lunatics2 Bisuo Business Card Bisuo Letterhead All are Lunatics

Final Project Logging PHP Website

This is my NMD 200 Final Project for Gene Felice. It was a PHP Database Website. Using MySQL Database, html, and php programming. I did the illustrations in Illustrator. I did the .Gifs in Photoshop. My family has a huge background in forestry and so I wanted to further educate myself and others in the somewhat controversial methods of woodcutting. You can check out the Video and small gallery of.. Read More

Projection Mapping Proposal

This was a Proposal done by James Robe, Myles Prelove, and myself. This proposal was for the Stand Pipe in Bangor Maine, It was a theoretical proposal for use to project the history of water storage onto the Standpipe which is a type of water storage its self. We each had our own roles, mine doing the illustrations seeing how I like to worth with graphics. Below you will see.. Read More

Kinetic Typography Final

In NMD 344 I created a Kinetic Typography a scene of Anchorman where Ron Burgandy is Blind. I Animated this in After Effects, did all the text and effects in After Effects, and then exported it from Premiere. Some of the timing of the letters are not synced up correctly because of a few animation effects I added in, which I intend to fix. You can check out the video.. Read More

True Facts about the Owl Animation

In NMD 344 for Sheridan, I created an animation in after affects using a voice over of true facts about an owl and then creating my own visuals for it. I used After Effects to Animate the project, Illustrator to create the characters, and Premier to export it. You can watch the video here!