Devon McNerney

Ardent Artist of New Media

“The Shapeshifter” Short Film (NMD 424)

This is a film I worked on with graduate student, Ryan Shelley, and my fellow New Media peer, William Tooher. The movie was made for a 360 minute “Film Festival” held by our Year in Film II (NMD 424) class. The class was divided into groups and given a genre and prop to base their…

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The Production of Harvey’s Dream: Part 1 (NMD 325)

In continuing my participation in producing Harvey’s Dream with Ryan Shelley, I am working on a documentary that showcases the effort and enjoyment that went into creating Harvey’s Dream. This entailed being up close and observant to all elements of creating film. Creating this documentary has given me a lot of insight into what it…

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Gizmo (NMD 200 FINAL)

In a lot of ways, Gizmo incorporates every aspect of New Media that I have experienced thus far. It takes the heavily technical, arduino and processing, and combines it with artistic projection concepts to create something useful and interactive. Gizmo is a projected help interface targeted to inform New Media students about the limitless resources…

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Amplitude Multiplyer Interface (NMD 251 Final)

This semester I decided to broaden my horizons and explore a new field of New Media. So I took The Production of Electronic Music (NMD 251) with Nate Aldrich which is a class that focuses on working with the object oriented programming language, Max MSP. Prior to this class I had a small exposure to…

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Participation in the Production of Harvey’s Dream (NMD 325)

This semester I worked on the pre-pruduction elements of a profession student film directed by Ryan Shelley. The film is especially notable because Ryan has obtained the rights to use Stephen King’s Harvey’s Dream as his story. I have participated on this film by scouting locations, organizing the casting call, and even producing a “Making…

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Projection Mapping (NMD 200)

Projection is certainly a newfound interest of mine. This year is the first time I have used light as a medium and I particularly enjoy its simple and design based aspects. I collaborated on this project with New Media peers Nicolette Hashey, Dustin Moorse, Aiden Bauer, and Seth Lockman. One thing that I particularly liked…

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Photography Exercise (NMD 200)

All of these photos were taken for NMD 200 to make examples of common photography techniques such as aperture, focus, and shutter speed. This project really reinstated proper DSLR technique while also giving the artistic freedom to explore the world around me.

Self-Stabilizing Coaster (NMD 295 Final)

This is steady-coast, a self stabilizing coaster powered by an Arduino. This Arduino utilizes an accelerometer as well as a motor driver to properly measure and counterbalance movement based on code. This project incorporated new themes of electronics and engineering, which I have never before dealt with in the New Media program. Despite numerous obstacles…

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Real Time Processing Environment (NMD 295)

This is my fist major Processing project. Processing uses Java to create visual representations of data through strings of code that you run. This NMD 295 project involved creating a real time environment that streamed realtime weather and time based on a zip code location. This was my first coding intensive project, and as a…

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Wardrobe (NMD 104 Final)

This short video is a promotional video for my idea, the Wardrobe Application. I created this idea for my design project in NMD 104. Though I never actually produced the Application, the project was to design everything up to the actual production of the product. In this video I attempt to create a very specific…

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