Devon McNerney

Ardent Artist of New Media


Hello and welcome to the Portfolio Website for New Media student, Devon McNerney. Below is a running blog that follows the progress of my work as it is completed. If you select the menu option “Portfolio” you can review all my past work, which I update on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Gizmo IMRC Installation (December 19th, 2014)

Gizmo: The IMRC’s help interface was successfully installed on Friday the 19th at the University of Maine’s New Media Night. The project was shown among numerous other New Media finals and capstones, to display my work in NMD 200. The video below demonstrates the functionality of the PIR sensor as well as Gizmo’s animation made…

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Water, Water, Everywhere! (Bangor Projection Instillation)

This week in NMD 200 I have started working on a projection project to be installed on the Thomas Hill Standpipe in Bangor, ME. The projection focuses on the concepts of water throughout our universe ranging from the smallest microscopic particles to the biggest solar bodies known to man. This piece is not only an…

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Photography in Orono, Maine

On October 5th, 2014 I took a trip into the uniquely beautiful woods of Orono, Maine. A long the way I documented the trip with my Cannon HF G10 camcorder. You can find these images as well as some other of my photos on my Portfolio Page.


Welcome to my portfolio site. Here is a well documented database of all my proudest work under the topic of New Media. Enjoy.