Devon McNerney

Ardent Artist of New Media


I am Devon McNerney, just your average 18 year old guy living in Orono, Maine. Originally I was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and grew up in a small neighboring town called Wilton. My childhood was spent with my close knit family consisting of my mother, father, stepfather, and little sister. At a young age I was already obsessed with music, and at age 10 I picked up the guitar, which quickly became my second obsession. During my first year of high school, I discovered my passion for new media while taking video production. I continued to take video production to the advanced level and then as a two year independent study to aimed towards creating a professional demo reel. The enticing new media program here at the University of Maine was actually my reason for applying. From this course I hope to gain a new technological and computer savvy perspective of new media.

Check out the University of Maine’s New Media website to find out more about the amazing world of New Media