Pechakucha Presentations

PechaKucha Screenshot

The largest portion of NMD 100 was taken up with a style of presentation called ‘Pechakuchas’. They are slide-style presentations where each slide lasts 20 seconds, and there are 20 slides. It is meant to provide short batches of information, and quickly. It is best for both the presenter and audience because the presenter is allowed to compile their ideas in a condensed, coherent order, and the audience get the short and quick version. Its best for the presenter to gather their ideas, and the audience doesn’t waste their time.

Particularly, our largest Pechakucha in NMD 100 was in regards to predicting the future. We were each given a technology to research its origin, what its current state is, and what it may evolve into in the near future. NMD revolves around the future, and shaping your own path in it. How will current technologies shape our lives in the coming years, and how can I take that into a malleable situation.