Learning Photoshop

Landry_Project7_NMD104Beyond learning Illustrator another platform that was taught in NMD 160 was Photoshop. Before this I have never used Photoshop. Usually I am very explorative and have a head start over other people because I’ve had experience in a lot of different things, though Photoshop is not one of them. It was a bad, but definitely teaching experience to be on the exact opposite spectrum when it came to being good at something. Though, that is something I will need to get better at being if I ever want to learn something entirely new to me.

This project, to try and create the impossible, was a chance to try and learn on a platform I had no previous experience on. I looked at online learning materials such as videos, articles, and anything I could get my hands on. I only had a couple days but wanted to make this as best as I could. That is another concept that I can tell will be occurring quite a bit in my future New Media career. Entering new fields with close to no experience, and trying to squeeze every once of value I can out of it in a short amount of time. Doing that in itself will not only benefit me in those specific fields, but also give me a skill that will help me interpret new things faster, and better. Its hard to explain, but there is such a thing as getting better at doing things for the first time. Not after long, you can get the hang of all sorts of things pretty quickly. NMD 160 was a class that encompassed pretty much that. Here’s a new platform, dive into it, and create the best thing you can. An iterative process of learning and growth.