Final Animation Project

This animation show the different experiences that new media has given me over the course of the time I have been at UMaine. It also show what experiences stand out to me the most and what I have taken from each experience. ¬†Another feature of it is the work that I have done so far in some of the courses I’ve taken this semester.

Project 4 Video

This video is about Caleb Shortt and why he chose cooking to be his passion in life. He talks about why he chose cooking as a career and what motivated him to pursue it. It tells the story of what drives someone to chase after their passion in life.

Library Timelapse

This Time lapse shows students walking into the library and being in the process of working on school work or studying. During the early afternoon more people are seen in the library and converse in a more active matter than expected. It also shows later at night where it’s more quite that the conversations are less frequent and there is less visible activity then in the early afternoon.

Project 2: Place Field Recording

This audio field recording was taken in Fogler Library at the University of Maine. This recording lets a person hear what is going in a room of full other students in the library who are either are study or having conversations with their friends. During the course of this recording their a lot of conversations being heard even in the setting of library which different from just using it to study.