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Shout King

For my final NMD 445 we were allowed to create pretty much anything we wanted as long as the main focus included javascript. The project I chose to create was a social media website called “Shout King”. If you think of a combination between Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit then you would get Shout King. The idea is for user of the user to be able to shout whatever they wanted.. Read More

“A-Maze-ing” (The Invisible Maze)

For our final in NMD 430 the entire class was assigned a group project. The project was to create an invisible maze. We had to figure out a way to alert the person running the maze that they were either in a wall or going the correct way. My job was to code the motion tracking and the maze(s) itself. All information about the maze is in the video below… Read More

Temperature Alarm Glove

For my NMD 430 class we had an assignment to create a wearable piece of technology. I decided to create a temperature alarm glove where you could set what temperature range the glove would alarm you at. A full demonstration is in the video below.  

NMD 200 Final “Diffusion”

For my New Media 200 final I worked with Meo Pourreyron and Sze Wing to create what we called “Diffusion”. The original plan was to have a bunch of hanging LED light strands and it would be an art installation that people would walk through. They would then interact with LED strands by touching them, which would then create a ripple with all the other LED strands. The project had.. Read More

Project 3 Proposal

Here is the proposal for project 3 in NMD 200. The project was to make a proposal about the project that had a 6 month time frame and it had to involve the Bangor Standpipe. I think the results of this project came out fantastic and was very happy to work with the group that I was assigned. The actual proposal is in the pdf link below.   All information.. Read More

Sound Genie

One of my favorite projects that I had to do for NMD 104 was create a product and create an advertisement for it. This was very similar to the final in 104, but we were allowed more room to add humor into the project and it was also more to hone our video editing skills with Adobe Premiere. Overall, I like how the project turned out and it was enjoyable.. Read More

Minecraft Javascript Remix

In my NMD 345 class with Jon Ippolito I had to remix a choice of javascript code and then implement it into my own code. At the time we were focusing on using javascript to edit Minecraft so I thought I might as well remix my code that I have created. The code that I originally started with was a function to create a castle of any size that you.. Read More

Dance Sensor Via Kinect

For my final project in NMD 102 I decided to use the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor to make a dance recognition program in Processing. The video below shows the program and how it works through the code I wrote in processing. The goal was to be able to have the Kinect be able to pick up different dance moves and then react accordingly. For example, if you did “The Disco”.. Read More

Real Life Dueling

In NMD 104 we had to create a product of our choosing and make a video/advertisement for our project. I came up with the Real Life Dueling product that would display 3-D holograms of the cards that you played. This took a great amount of time and planning in order to convey the idea of the product and advertise for it. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome and don’t.. Read More

Unity Scavenger Hunt Game

I created many projects in NMD 102 for Mike Scott, but one of my favorites that came out of that class was the scavenger hunt game that I created in Unity. This was a group project that I worked on and was pretty proud of the result. The goal of the project was to make a narrative game and our game included a small story with voice narration when you.. Read More