Hello world!

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Welcome to NMD portfolios Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Lab Stop Motion Video

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Description to come.

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Final Project – Viano Site

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Download this folder and all of its contents onto your desktop and open the site from there. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e9ahyw9ddnhhcah/AAAbw_HXCXR2rriPCBHF1waNa?dl=0 (Open Viano.html for access to the home page). See the home page for the gist of why I made this site and how to go about using it. The intended audience is literally anyone who has any desire to pick up the piano or any instrument but doesn’t have access to one or the time to dedicate to all the theory behind it. Ideally, going through the pages in order, this site can teach you how to play a piano in 5 minutes or...

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Don Foresta – Guest Speaker

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Foresta’s work is the kind of effort on an individual level that pushes the term “globalization” to new heights. For some time now, the civilized world has had access to the internet and various other technologies that connect us all almost instantly despite being up to thousands of miles apart. But it’s still not instant, and it’s actually not all that close, so naturally the next step is to get it as close as possible, as he described is his goal in conducting a multipoint simultaneous performance across the Atlantic. An idea that is particularly interesting...

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The New Space of Communication…

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An interesting read, to say the least. I, like most others in the class and outside it I’m sure, have always had some amount of understanding on the power of the internet. The degree to which it’s already changed our world is unprecedented, but it’s still an ongoing process. “Changing the world” is just the go-to figurative phrase, however. In literal terms, as this write-up outlines, the internet and various other new forms of new media (consequential or otherwise) are changing humanity. It could be for the better, ultimately, but just as easily could it be for...

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War of the Worlds: Panic of America

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In one form or another and on several occasions, I’ve heard the story of Orson Welles’ infamous War of the Worlds radio drama as it played out to a fear-stricken America in the 1930s. I had never fully grasped its repercussions until that short documentary though; the testimonies from actual listeners made the difference. In the same regard, I’d never really given any thought to the possibility of such a panic happening today. We live in much the same high-tension, stress-ridden society today as Americans did in the early-mid 20th century. But does our technology allow for...

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