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This is the final of three major projects from NMD 250 Electronic Music Composition with Nate Aldrich. It is a piece of musique concrète predominantly incorporating asynchronous and spatialized tones taken from the first three chords of Arvo Part’s Spiegel Im Spiegel meant to evoke a sensation of harmonious randomness, inspired by the stars in the night sky and the specific act of stargazing. It is the first “loop” I composed – the piece is intended to loop again and again theoretically ad infinitum for full effect – and the first quantifiable “remix” I’ve made.

As this was one of my favorite courses yet taken at the University of Maine, I plan on expanding on this piece a great deal more in the future, as well as the other two compositions from the class (which are too large to host locally on WordPress, so I’ll create a Soundcloud account and embed those in posts under this class’ category).