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Echo Aeternitatis (Latin: “Echo of Eternity”) is a small collection of 3D printed jewelry in a bamboo wood box. The 3D printed jewelry, the box engravings, and its internal circuit were all designed and created by Austin Haughton (New Media, third year) for the final project of NMD 200 with Gene Felice (Fall 2016) and as a gift to his mother. The 3D printed pieces – which consist of a large pendant, a pair of earrings, and a ring – were all modeled off of an audio waveform of Austin Haughton saying “I love you”. They were then adjusted to size and detail for a 3D print via a Makerbot 2 3D printer using translucent red PLA material.

The box is made from quarter inch bamboo wood and was laser engraved on the sides with the same waveform used to model the jewelry. The waveform engraving is lined throughout with slight cuts in the wood, allowing some light from the internal circuit to shine through. The front panel is engraved with the title of the project, the rear with the creator’s signature, and the box lid with a lemniscate (an infinity symbol).

Inside the box, the jewelry rests on a light foam layer over a wooden insert, itself laser-cut through with the phrase “I love you”. Beneath the insert, an Arduino Uno controls six red LEDs flashing in sequence at the same approximate rate of a heart beating at ~60 BPM.