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NMD 200 Final Project

My final project for NMD 200 was a work done in collaboration with Seth Lockman. Our goal was to find a way to use a Kinect to make musical notes using relations of distances between joints of two people playing capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian dance/martial art. The purpose of this project was to examine and change the relation of dance and music. In capoeira, like almost all forms of dance, the music.. Read More

NMD 104: Color Image Manipulation

A project where we had to take manipulate a number of images in certain ways. Corrective manipulation was to take an old image with defects and fix it as best as possible. Emotional manipulation was to take an image and do two different manipulations to achieve opposite emotional effects. Selective manipulation was to change the meaning of the image by changing one aspect of it. Black and white was to.. Read More

Lockup: NMD 104 Final Project

The final project for NMD 104 was to create an advertisement for a fake product of our own creation. My fake product was Lockup, an app that does… well, you’ll have to watch the video and find out. Also, quick shout out to James Robe for volunteering for those two shots.