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Opening and Closing Lines #1

Opening statement: Though not much has changed about my project since I introduced, the premise is I want to create a roguelite stealth game. Closing statement: The AI is progressing, but it needs some work. And that’s what I’ve accomplished by this milestone.

Computer-less capstone

For this assignment, we had to reimagine our capstone as a project that used no computers. This was my attempt at it. If I had to completely redesign my capstone without a computer, I would make a combination of D&D and a board game; if you’ve ever played a game called Forbidden Desert, it’s similar to that. The game would be playable by 3-5 players. At the start of the.. Read More

Many-to-many strategies Exercise 1

Problem: Disappearing Language For this problem, Solution B is the best representation of a many-to-many solution for this problem. It goes right to the people who know the language and preserves it in a way that anyone can access it. In the format, anyone can record a story and put it on the website for anyone to access. It completely removes the middle man or administrative role that is present.. Read More