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ART 110 – Final Project

ART 110 Final

The final project for 2D Design was given as a culmination of everything we’d done that semester. We were required to take at least one image that we had taken during that semester and edit it to create a solid composition and reflect at least six design elements given to us at the start of the year. We could print out a copy of it and edit it physically or.. Read More

ART 200 – Final Project

ART 200 Final - Figure

Our final project for ART 200 was to choose a specific emotion and do two drawings based on that emotion. The first drawing was a black and white drawing of a specific part of the human body meant to represent that emotion. The second drawing was an abstract representation of the emotion in color. We were allowed to use any material we wanted as long as it met the project.. Read More

NMD/ART 370 Final Project

Our final project for NMD/ART 370 was to make an animation. We could use models we had made by ourselves or that we found on the internet. The animation had to be 30 to 60 seconds long, depending on how many models in our scene were either created by us or downloaded off the internet. All in all, I enjoyed working on this project and am pleased with the final.. Read More

Human Hand

The first project of NMD/ART 370 was for us to model a human hand; it could be ours or from a reference photo we found online, all we had to do was make our model as accurate a representation of the reference photo as we could. I chose to model my own hand and I think it came out all right. There are some things I missed (the lack of.. Read More