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ART 200 – Final Project

ART 200 Final - Figure

Our final project for ART 200 was to choose a specific emotion and do two drawings based on that emotion. The first drawing was a black and white drawing of a specific part of the human body meant to represent that emotion. The second drawing was an abstract representation of the emotion in color. We were allowed to use any material we wanted as long as it met the project.. Read More

ART 200 – Project 1

ART 200 - Project 1 Drawing 3

Our first project in Drawing 2 was to take a small object and do three drawings of that object. The three drawings had to follow a separate theme for each drawing: line and texture, form and shape, and space. The drawings also had to get progressively closer to the object with each drawing. I chose an orienteering compass for my subject, and my three drawings can be viewed below.

ART 200 – Outside Drawings

ART 200 - Outside Drawing #2

A weekly assignment we had in drawing two was to do a drawing outside of class on a particular subject. The assignment topics ranged widely over the semester and had various thematic, material, and compositional¬†constraints. At the conclusion of the semester, we had completed 8¬†outside drawings. The drawings, and descriptions of their content, are in the gallery below.