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NMD 344 – Kinetic Typography

Our first significant project in After Effects in NMD 344 was to create a kinetic typography piece. We could choose a monologue from a movie/TV show/TED talk or lyrics from a song. I chose Heath Ledger’s “Why so serious?” monologue from The Dark Knight because I love Heath Ledger’s Joker and it’s a fantastic monologue.

NMD 344 – Cell Design 5×5 and Animations

This project required us to select ten existing icons and divide them into pairs. For each pair, we had to show a smooth transition from one icon to the other over five frames. This laid the groundwork for a later project where we had to select three transitions and create three animations that were each 3 seconds long: a frame by frame animation at 15 fps an animation using keyframed masks.. Read More

NMD 344 – The Icon Set

Icon Set

After we had created an icon to represent ourselves, our next assignment was to create a set of 20 icons to represent an object we were assigned. The object I was assigned was “tricycle”.

NMD 344 – Font Design

Font Design

For this project, we had to create the 27th letter of the english alphabet. We had to pick a font to create it in, an uppercase and lowercase version of the letter, a name for the letter, and a sound for the letter to make. We also had to include a way the letter would be used in a currently existing word. My 27th letter was chee, which makes the “ch”.. Read More

NMD 344 – The Mark

The first project of NMD 344 was to create a mark that represent ourself as a person. The project had two main requirements: it had to be in black and white, and it had to be completely abstract. It was a challenging assignment for the first week back, but I like the way mine turned out.

NMD/ART 370 Final Project

Our final project for NMD/ART 370 was to make an animation. We could use models we had made by ourselves or that we found on the internet. The animation had to be 30 to 60 seconds long, depending on how many models in our scene were either created by us or downloaded off the internet. All in all, I enjoyed working on this project and am pleased with the final.. Read More

Human Hand

The first project of NMD/ART 370 was for us to model a human hand; it could be ours or from a reference photo we found online, all we had to do was make our model as accurate a representation of the reference photo as we could. I chose to model my own hand and I think it came out all right. There are some things I missed (the lack of.. Read More


  Once, there was nothing; we can’t even say “a long time ago”, because there was no time. Then there was something, all at once and in one area, expanding rapidly outwards. Then, after something had cooled enough, it gravitated together with more something until it formed a star. In the star, something got heavier and heavier; something became iron, calcium, potassium, oxygen. In time, the star exploded, sending something.. Read More


It was a Friday, and I needed a camera for a project due Tuesday. Little did I know what a roller coaster that simple task would be. The problems started when I tried to rent one. I went to IMRC first, only to find that the hours of the rental place had changed; instead of closing at 2:00, it now closed at noon. Discouraged, I went to the CMI to.. Read More