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NMD 344 – The Color Experiment

The Color Experiment

One our last projects before we moved fully into After Effects was we were assigned a color and told to make a movie poster about the color without using our color anywhere in the poster. I was assigned blue (#0000ff to be exact). I chose a corporate setting because blue is often used in corporate color schemes. Blue is also a symbol for coldness and aloofness, hence the blacked out.. Read More

NMD 344 – Kinetic Typography

Our first significant project in After Effects in NMD 344 was to create a kinetic typography piece. We could choose a monologue from a movie/TV show/TED talk or lyrics from a song. I chose Heath Ledger’s “Why so serious?” monologue from The Dark Knight because I love Heath Ledger’s Joker and it’s a fantastic monologue.

NMD 344 – Cell Design 5×5 and Animations

This project required us to select ten existing icons and divide them into pairs. For each pair, we had to show a smooth transition from one icon to the other over five frames. This laid the groundwork for a later project where we had to select three transitions and create three animations that were each 3 seconds long: a frame by frame animation at 15 fps an animation using keyframed masks.. Read More

NMD 344 – The Icon Set

Icon Set

After we had created an icon to represent ourselves, our next assignment was to create a set of 20 icons to represent an object we were assigned. The object I was assigned was “tricycle”.

NMD 344 – Font Design

Font Design

For this project, we had to create the 27th letter of the english alphabet. We had to pick a font to create it in, an uppercase and lowercase version of the letter, a name for the letter, and a sound for the letter to make. We also had to include a way the letter would be used in a currently existing word. My 27th letter was chee, which makes the “ch”.. Read More

NMD 344 – The Mark

The first project of NMD 344 was to create a mark that represent ourself as a person. The project had two main requirements: it had to be in black and white, and it had to be completely abstract. It was a challenging assignment for the first week back, but I like the way mine turned out.

NMD 104: Album Cover Redesign

This assignment was midway through NMD 104 where we had to take a currently existing album cover and redesign it to give it a different meaning. I chose to redesign The Glitch Mob’s Drink the Sea, and create a humorous take on the album name.   The original: My redesign:

NMD 104: Illustrator Self Portrait

One of my first assignments from NMD 104. In short, the assignment was the create a self-portrait using an image of ourselves and the pencil tool in Illustrator. The idea was to get us familiar with the pencil tool and the use of layers in creating Illustrator compositions. Here my final product: And here a bonus one where I took some creative liberties:

NMD 200: Project 3 Proposal

This projection map will focus on the topic of water safety and the fracking industry’s impacts on water pollution. While fracking can have many benefits, such as acquiring large amounts of natural gas and oil, there can also be very large negative impacts of fracking. Such impacts include the potential chance of earthquakes, impacts on air pollution, and local clean water supply. This projection project will focus primarily on fracking’s.. Read More