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Kill Them All

Kill Them All was a game I wanted to make for a long time. For as long as I’ve wanted to make this game, I’ve been dissatisfied with the way many modern shooter games have portrayed war. These games┬áput a lot of time and effort into making the uniforms, weapons, and equipment of the soldiers they are portraying look as realistic as possible, but yet when it comes to issues.. Read More

NMD 295: Extreme Racer

I look back on Extreme Racer not as very good game (I don’t consider it to be, at least), but as an infinitely more valuable learning experience. If there was something that could have gone wrong or if I could have done some wrong making Extreme Racer, it happened or was very close to happening. My original idea was a procedurally generated rally-style racing game, and that idea held up.. Read More

Black Box

It is the year 2258. Humanity has left the cradle of Earth and begun to explore the solar system and beyond. Settlements and colonies have started on the Moon, Mars, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and humanity’s gaze is ever outward and ever upward. You are a computer forensics expert for the United Nations Interstellar Travel Agency, the governing body that regulates space travel. One day, a ship.. Read More