Aidan Bauer is currently a New Media student at the University of Maine. Hailing from Portland, Connecticut, his creativity initially found an outlet through music and writing. He played clarinet in the school band from 5th grade until graduating high school and in his freshman year placed second in the short story category in the Connecticut Shoreline Writing Contest. Since coming to the New Media program he has expanded his creative interests to include traditional and digital visual art, animation, photography, programming, graphic design, music composition and video game design. It is the last one, game design, that interests him the most. So far, he has worked primarily on 2D games, and has produced several games for his classes and has a few projects he plans to release in the foreseeable future.

Creative Statement

Since creating stories has been something he’s done for a while now, Aidan wants his games to focus on creating engaging narratives while still giving the player agency and freedom to create their own experience. He wants his games to make his players uncomfortable and make them think; for this reason, he is not afraid to have his games tackle social issues of the past, present, and the future. But at the same time, he realizes that the message means nothing if the game isn’t solid mechanically, and that most people play games for fun.