For this assignment, we had to reimagine our capstone as a project that used no computers. This was my attempt at it.

If I had to completely redesign my capstone without a computer, I would make a combination of D&D and a board game; if you’ve ever played a game called Forbidden Desert, it’s similar to that. The game would be playable by 3-5 players. At the start of the game, each player receives a randomly selected player card that tells them who they will play as for the session. Every player card has its own unique abilities; some abilities include the ability to temporarily disable electronic devices, disguise oneself as an enemy, and completely silent footsteps. The players then place their tokens in the starting area and the game begins.

The game would proceed in turns, with players moving and attempting actions during their turns. Actions can include successfully sneaking pass guards when the player is close to them, successfully passing off a disguise, or disabling surveillance equipment. Actions are accomplished by rolling a D6; rolling higher than the action level is a success, rolling lower is a failure. When all the players have gone, the enemy takes their turn.

The game board is composed of individual squares. When players leave an area to a blank space, a section of the game board is placed in the blank space. Each piece is unique, with its own environmental objects and enemy positions. The pieces are randomly shuffled before each game, ensuring that the game rarely plays out the same way twice.

There is one tile that’s different from all the rest: the exit title. The objective of the players is to sneak past the enemies and make it to the exit tile. If even one player dies, the players loose. If they all make to the exit tile, they win.