I intend to make a game called Escape, a roguelite stealth game for PC. Escape is a game where you must use stealth to accomplish tasks. The challenge comes from the fact that the levels are randomly generated every time, and dying resets the player’s progress to the beginning.



Escape is a combination of two video game genres: roguelite and stealth. Roguelites are games that borrow some characteristics from the roguelike genre, which is known for randomly generated levels, emergent gameplay, and permadeath. Stealth games require the player to complete objectives without being noticed by the computer-controlled enemies. Escape is a stealth game at its core, but borrows the procedural level generation and permadeath mechanics from roguelites.

The minimum viable product (MVP) of escape would include completed code for game functionality, completed art assets, a soundtrack and sound effects, and two complete levels.




I plan to collaborate with at least one other person for this project. This person would be a music person who can create a sound track and sound effects. I also may find someone to assist with any programming difficulties I may run into over the course of the project.





Here’s a breakdown of the important deadlines:

  • November 15th – art assets and code for Level 1 are complete
  • December 4th – art assets for Level 2 are complete
  • December 12th – alpha testing begins
  • January 9th – beta testing begins



My capstone’s budget can be found here on Google Drive.


         Get the word out

My plan to get the word out has three main points of attack. First, I want to maintain a website for the game where I post frequent updates about the game; posts would cover aspects like concept art, progress on gameplay features, and links to features of the game on other websites (if there are any).

Second, I am going to try to create a social media presence for the project. I plan to create a Facebook page and Twitter handle for the game, and also create a page for the game on a website called IndieDB. IndieDB is a website devoted to promoting indie games, which is a great fit for me for two reasons: 1) the game would get some exposure for no monetary cost and 2) the exposure would be to the type of people who would be most interested in my game: gamers.

Third, after alpha testing concludes I plan on sending press releases about Escape to various news sites. I am going to have to do research about this process as this is completely uncharted waters for me. I plan on sending press releases to local publications such as the university newspaper and the BDN, and to online gaming news sites such as IGN and Polygon.