I intend to make a game called Escape, a roguelite stealth game for PC. Escape is a game where you must use stealth to accomplish tasks. The challenge comes from the fact that the levels are randomly generated every time, and dying resets the player’s progress to the beginning.


Escape is a combination of two video game genres: roguelite and stealth. Roguelites are games that borrow some characteristics from the roguelike genre, which is known for randomly generated levels, emergent gameplay, and permadeath. Stealth games require the player to complete objectives without being noticed by the computer-controlled enemies. Escape is a stealth game at its core, but borrows the procedural level generation and permadeath mechanics from roguelites.

The minimum viable product (MVP) of escape would include completed code for game functionality, completed art assets, a soundtrack and sound effects, and two complete levels.


I plan to collaborate with at least one other person for this project. This person would be a music person who can create a sound track and sound effects. I also may find someone to assist with any programming difficulties I may run into over the course of the project.


Collaborators Confirmed: November 2016

Alpha complete: end of fall 2016 semester

Alpha feedback: end of fall semester – Dec 2016

Beta complete: February 2016

Beta feedback: February – March 2016

Promotion: January – April 2016

Public Release: May 2016


Line Category Item Detail Year 1 Year 2 Total Cost Sponsored Needed Notes
1 Audio $300 $300
2 Composer and Sound Effects $300 in two installments $300 $300 $300 will try to cover with grant
3 Promotion $280 $280
4 Domain name $20 per year $20 $20 $40 $300
5 Website hosting $10 per month $120 $120 $240 $300
6 Total Before Contingency $540 $140 $680 $680
7 Contingency $100 $1000 $200 $200
8 Total After Contingency $640 $240 $880 $880