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Aidan Bauer’s Capstone Proposal

Abstract I intend to make a game called Escape, a roguelite stealth game for PC. Escape is a game where you must use stealth to accomplish tasks. The challenge comes from the fact that the levels are randomly generated every time, and dying resets the player’s progress to the beginning. What Escape is a combination of two video game genres: roguelite and stealth. Roguelites are games that borrow some characteristics.. Read More

Many-to-many strategies Exercise 1

Problem: Disappearing Language For this problem, Solution B is the best representation of a many-to-many solution for this problem. It goes right to the people who know the language and preserves it in a way that anyone can access it. In the format, anyone can record a story and put it on the website for anyone to access. It completely removes the middle man or administrative role that is present.. Read More