ART 110 – Final Project

The final project for 2D Design was given as a culmination of everything we’d done that semester. We were required to take at least one image that we had taken during that semester and edit it to create a solid composition and reflect at least six design elements given to us at the start of the year. We could print out a copy of it and edit it physically or use Photoshop or a similar software to get the effect that we wanted. After we had gotten an image that we were satisfied with, we then took that image and used acrylic paint to paint it onto a surface that was at least 14×11 inches

Mine was a combination of two photos of mine, one of me holding my sketchbook and another of the second floor hallway in Lord Hall. I then used masks and adjustment layers to get the colors exactly the way I wanted them, and then transferred that to a canvas. Overall, I feel this is one of my best works.

ART 110 Final

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