Kill Them All

Kill Them All was a game I wanted to make for a long time. For as long as I’ve wanted to make this game, I’ve been dissatisfied with the way many modern shooter games have portrayed war. These games put a lot of time and effort into making the uniforms, weapons, and equipment of the soldiers they are portraying look as realistic as possible, but yet when it comes to issues of war like PTSD and civilian casualties these games offer nothing; they use the thrills of combat as an entertainment roller coaster and nothing more. This isn’t the issue I have, however; the problem I see is that even now, 20+ years after the very first first person shooter released, I can count on one hand the number of shooter games that address the nature of war directly.

So this is why, for my game, I set it in Kandahar, Afghanistan, from the point of view of a United States Marine. One day, while on patrol with your company, you are ambushed by the Taliban, an attack that only you survive. Miles from anywhere except the base of the insurgents that killed your friends, you decide to take your revenge on them by wiping them out to a man in a last-ditch revenge mission.

As I only had four weeks to make this game, I wasn’t able to fully execute on the full game I wanted to make. What I do have, however, is playable and consistent with what I wanted my final project to be, and as a result there will be a download link later in this post (OSx only for right now, working on it). I will also continue to work on this to make the game I wanted to make a reality, and I will post updates when I think I have something that’s ready.

OSx Download


Kill Them All man menu Kill Them All final confrontation Kill Them All casualties Kill Them All more combat Kill Them All combat Kill Them All intro cutscene

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