NMD 295: Extreme Racer

I look back on Extreme Racer not as very good game (I don’t consider it to be, at least), but as an infinitely more valuable learning experience. If there was something that could have gone wrong or if I could have done some wrong making Extreme Racer, it happened or was very close to happening. My original idea was a procedurally generated rally-style racing game, and that idea held up just about as well as you’d expect. I then discovered the wonderful world of making a physics system, which is not as easy as it looks. Then, once my partner and I finally got our idea on paper, we discovered that some of the graphics he made for the game ended up not working out as well; Processing, the platform we were using to make the game, as it turns out, didn’t (and probably still doesn’t) like very large images, and that meant we had to redo most of out art. All in all, we still managed to turn in and show off a working game, but it was quite the challenge getting it there.

If you really want to play it for yourself, you can download it here. It requires Processing to run.

I will leave you with some screenshots.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-31-at-12.29.15-AM Screen-Shot-2014-10-31-at-12.29.36-AM Screen-Shot-2014-10-31-at-12.30.39-AM Screen-Shot-2014-10-31-at-12.31.10-AM Screen-Shot-2014-10-31-at-12.31.40-AM

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