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NMD 104: Color Image Manipulation

A project where we had to take manipulate a number of images in certain ways. Corrective manipulation was to take an old image with defects and fix it as best as possible. Emotional manipulation was to take an image and do two different manipulations to achieve opposite emotional effects. Selective manipulation was to change the meaning of the image by changing one aspect of it. Black and white was to.. Read More

NMD 104: Image Manipulation

Another assignment from midway through NMD 104. This one required us to take a photograph that we had taken and manipulate it to be different; we could implement content that was not our into the composition, but the original photo still had to be ours. For mine, I chose to focus on a single theme: duality.

NMD 104: Album Cover Redesign

This assignment was midway through NMD 104 where we had to take a currently existing album cover and redesign it to give it a different meaning. I chose to redesign The Glitch Mob’s Drink the Sea, and create a humorous take on the album name.   The original: My redesign:

NMD 104: Illustrator Self Portrait

One of my first assignments from NMD 104. In short, the assignment was the create a self-portrait using an image of ourselves and the pencil tool in Illustrator. The idea was to get us familiar with the pencil tool and the use of layers in creating Illustrator compositions. Here my final product: And here a bonus one where I took some creative liberties:

NMD 200: Project 3 Proposal

This projection map will focus on the topic of water safety and the fracking industry’s impacts on water pollution. While fracking can have many benefits, such as acquiring large amounts of natural gas and oil, there can also be very large negative impacts of fracking. Such impacts include the potential chance of earthquakes, impacts on air pollution, and local clean water supply. This projection project will focus primarily on fracking’s.. Read More

NMD 200: Projection mapping

Video documentation of a projection mapping project. Done in collaboration with Nicolette Hashey, Devon McNerney, Dustin Morse, and Seth Lockman. Video credit goes to Nicolette Hashey. Music credit goes to Seth Lockman.

NMD 104: Game Timer

Another NMD 104 project, this one was very similar to the final project except without After Effects. More voiceover work and hilariously bad acting from me.

Lockup: NMD 104 Final Project

The final project for NMD 104 was to create an advertisement for a fake product of our own creation. My fake product was Lockup, an app that does… well, you’ll have to watch the video and find out. Also, quick shout out to James Robe for volunteering for those two shots.

NMD 295: Extreme Racer

I look back on Extreme Racer not as very good game (I don’t consider it to be, at least), but as an infinitely more valuable learning experience. If there was something that could have gone wrong or if I could have done some wrong making Extreme Racer, it happened or was very close to happening. My original idea was a procedurally generated rally-style racing game, and that idea held up.. Read More